Pregnancy and Obstetric Care
Please remember to ask your general practitioner for a referral and download and print off Dr Bopp’s contact details at the bottom of this page. For the earliest possible appointment feel free to e-mail for an appointment on-line.

If presenting for a first visit and to ease the booking in process, please consider downloading and printing off our Patient Information Sheet.

Please remember to have arranged your GP referral letter and any bring any recent ultrasound scans, x-rays, blood test results or other relevant information with you.

To get the most from your visits, remember to write down any questions that come to mind prior to your appointment as you may forget to ask! Alternatively, you can review our frequently asked questions.

the Gold Coast.

Pindara Private Hospital is a welcoming environment with a fully supportive group of medical professionals including paediatricians, anaesthetists, midwives and nursing staff, to make your pregnancy, delivery and postnatal care as safe and pleasant as possible.

Dr Bopp is able to offer a comprehensive pregnancy care package from antenatal classes, pre-operative counselling, physiotherapy assessment to breast feeding advice and more.
These services are available on site in close proximity to the rooms in Pindara Place.

Excellence in obstetric care is a team effort and the team strives to ensure that you receive the full support, management and care that you deserve throughout your pregnancy and arrival of your baby.

"To see a baby come into the world is a wondrous thing, to have welcomed thousands is an honour and a privilege and it is my pleasure to provide the best possible care throughout all the varied and sometimes challenging stages of pregnancy and childbirth."

Your first obstetric visit with Dr Bopp will include a full history, examination and ultrasound scan. This first scan ensures that all is well with the pregnancy and helps establish how far along you are and of course a due date estimate.

Dr Bopp performs ultrasound in the privacy and convenience of his rooms and at each visit you will see and hear your baby. Partners are encouraged to attend as many visits as possible and a play space is available for children in our reception area.

Dr Bopp practices only at Pindara Private Hospital on

Below is an overview of some of the various obstetric services Dr Bopp provides:

Prenatal counselling
  • For healthy women planning pregnancy or wishing to discuss conception and fertility assessment
  • For women with medical conditions prior to falling pregnant
  • Where there is a past history of complicated pregnancy
  • Where there has been recurrent pregnancy loss
  • Access to genetic counselling available
Antenatal screening
  • Routine recommended and specialist Investigations and workup
  • Counselling for high risk conditions
  • Screening tests for Down's syndrome and other chromosomal abnormalities
  • Screening for gestational diabetes and medical conditions such as hypertension in pregnancy
  • Preference for tertiary level ultrasound assessment at 13 and 19 week scans
Antenatal management
  • Early pregnancy assessment
  • Routine antenatal visits for pregnancy check-ups
  • Detection and investigation of possible complications – assessment of bleeding in pregnancy
  • In rooms ultrasound – see and hear your baby at every visit
  • The option of share caring (if you and your GP desires) in low risk pregnancy
  • Team management of medical complications in pregnancy
  • Management of multiple pregnancies
Childbirth and Postnatal
  • Preference for natural delivery
  • Induction of labour
  • Management of natural birth, instrumental delivery and caesarean section
  • Postnatal management
  • Postpartum review
  • Post natal contraception

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